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The Colin Buxton Series: Book 1 

A private island in the Scottish Hebrides…the death of a Hollywood legend…secrets waiting to destroy.

Meet PC Colin Buxton - disillusioned with his career - who, during the worst storm in a century, is forced to investigate a gruesome murder alone. But how to determine the truth, when all the suspects are seasoned performers?

This dark murder mystery - a modern take on Agatha Christie - will keep you guessing until the very end when the final shocking twist is revealed.

Discover All Mine Enemies, the first in a new crime series by debut author CC Gilmartin.

Perfect for readers of Rachel McLean, Lucy Foley, Angela Marsons, Ann Cleeves, and Rachel Abbott.


DUE 2023

The Colin Buxton Series: Book 2

Berlin 1993 … where past and present collide … a series of unexplained deaths hits the sweltering, summer city

Colin Buxton arrives in Berlin, which - like him - is facing an uncertain future. And things turn sinister when the bodies of seven young men are found in parks around the city.

Is it only Colin who believes there's a serial killer on the loose? Delving deeper into the men's lives, clues suggest it could be someone they've known intimately. However, regardless of the mounting evidence, the authorities won't take him seriously. Will it need an eighth victim for them to listen?

Look of Death is the 2nd tense, gripping crime novel in CC Gilmartin's Colin Buxton Series.

Perfect for fans of Lucy Foley, Thomas Harris and Rachel McLean.

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